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The Tree and Garden Gift Company provides a unique and easy solution for choosing and planting trees, whether for yourself or for a friend.

Using our site you can:

Buy a tree from our Tree Shop. Easily select the tree you want, using any of the simple ways we have provided to find the ideal tree. And the best bit? The planting, staking and watering in, of your new tree is all included in the price.


Create a gift list. Select your trees and publish your list to your family and friends, who can buy trees from your list, or vouchers you can use to purchase your trees. We then supply and plant the tree's for you.

So what makes it so special? 

Using our site it's easy to find the perfect tree. You are able to search on a multitude of different options, such as size, shape, flower colour or even by occasion. You have the option to buy a tree for yourself, as a present or create your own list. When you have made your selection we plant, stake and water your tree for you. This means that, with our 20 years of expertise your tree stands the very best chance of thriving.

Do we deliver and plant in your area?
We are constantly expanding the area for which we offer our unique supply and planting service. To check that we cover your area click on the van opposite and type in the POST CODE for your delivery address. If you are not in our area please do get in touch and we will see what we can do.

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Do we deliver and plant in your area?

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